Ello Mum, first up touch the DARK button so it's not too bright for your light sensitive eyes ;)

And a big warm welcome hug from this place on the web that I dedicate to You (it's way better than a get well card while you're in hospital) and when you return home we can put some more stuff on here.

I filmed part of the sunset yesterday arvo as soon as I returned home from visiting you but the battery ran out.

Hopefully this cheers you up even just a tiny bit, fingers crossed.
*Make sure you press the Full Screen button on the video player*

You will Love the most magnificent once a year cacti flower who's fluorescing at the moment, filmed it in the morning but forgot about it so had to go back and get the camera plus it started to rain, these are a few stills.Red cacti collage

And here's part of an audio recording from yesterday outside your bedroom.

You might hear some gong chimes during coz I think there was a breeze about.
I will add an evening track for night time too so it will sound like you are back home :)

We all miss you an Enormous amount, so very much more than you know, even though you probably do ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



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